M12 Cables with Field Mountable Connectors for Thermocouples

M12CFM-TC Series

M12 Cables with Field Mountable Connectors for Thermocouples | M12CFM-TC Series

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  • Straight and Right Angled M12 Field Mountable Connector Sensor End
  • PVC or PFA Insulated Thermocouple Compensated Cable Options Available in IEC and ANSI Color Codes
  • Optional Stainless Steel Braid and BX Hose is Available
  • Unlimited Variety of Configurations to Work With Your Instrumentation
  • Available in Single and Dual Element Configurations
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See our new M12 cables which include M12 thermocouple connector pins and socket materials, please see the M12CM Series

These thermocouple extension cables utilize field mountable M12 connectors (uncompensated) along with a wide variety of stranded thermocouple grade cables and the full line of Omega's popular thermocouple connectors to provide an unlimited selection of cable assemblies tailored to fit your specific application. When one of our standard M12C Over-Molded Thermocouple Cables simply won't provide the needed connection, these cables are just what is needed.

To configure your cable, simply determine the following information:

Cable Requirement:
The thermocouple extension cables include stranded thermocouple grade (or better) conductors with the standard insulations being PFA (TT) and PVC (PP). Note: The same insulation material is used for both the conductor insulation and over jacket. For dual element cables two individual cables are provided, one to each thermocouple set as shown in the table below.

These cables are the same as those used in our wide variety of thermocouple sensor products.

Sensor Connector:
Since our M12 enabled thermocouple sensors all utilize a plug style connector, you will most likely need a socket style connector to attach the cable to the sensor. These connectors are available in either straight (SFSR) or right angled (RFSR) configurations. Please note the following wiring information:

M12 Connector
Pin Number
2 White Black Yellow Green + + 1 (+)
3 Red White Red White - - 1 (-)
4 White Black Yellow Green + + 2 (+)
1 Red WhiteRedWhite-- 2 (-)
Note: For single TC cables only pins 2 and 3 are connected as shown above. For dual T/C cables, one cable connects to pins 2 and 3 and the other cable connects to pins 1 and 4 as shown above.

Process Connection: The process connection can vary from stripped leads (FL), to another M12 style connector to one of the many styles of thermocouple connectors for which Omega is well known. Some of the most popular include straight M12 male connector (SMSR), right angled M12 male connector (RMSR), full size thermocouple connector (OSTW) and the miniature thermocouple connector (SMPW).

Cable Length: The final requirement is the length of your cable. Omega specifies the length of the cable in meters. Our standard selection of cables are provided in 3, 5, 10, 15 and 20 meter lengths, but you can specify a length longer or shorter then this. The length of the cable is simply listed on the end of the model number.

Omega has selected a number of these cables to be available as standard configurations, they are listed below. Also, there are additional special options such as external steel braid or armored hose that can be specified, please see the listing at the end of the product table.

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