Heavy Duty Aluminum Handle Thermocouple Probe

MHP Series

Heavy Duty Aluminum Handle Thermocouple Probe MHP-(*)SS-14G-(*)-SMP | MHP Series

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  • Heavy Duty Aluminum Handle
  • 1 /16 ", 1 /8 ", 3 /16 ", and 1 /4 " Diameters
  • 300 mm (1 ft) Retractable Cable Expands to 1.5 m (5 ft)
  • Probe Leads Terminate in a Male SMP Miniature Connector
  • Bendable Probe, 12' Length Standard
  • Variations Available, Contact the Quotations Department USA
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The MHP handle probe picks up where the HPS handle probes leave off, offering unparalleled durability and no probe length limitations. A compression fitting rigidly secures the probe to the cast aluminum handle and provides the rugged construction and stability that long probes and heavy duty applications require.

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