Resistance Heating Wire, Nickel-Chromium Alloy


Long life Nickel-Chrome 60 Resistance Heating Wire | NI60

Long life Nickel-Chrome 60 Resistance Heating Wire

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  • Used to Make Straight or Helical Coil Resistance Heaters
  • Quick Heating, Long Life
  • High Temperature, 1000°C (1850°F)
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Convenient 50 ft. and 200 ft. Spools Available
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Nickel-Chrome 60 is the world’s standard of comparison in the electrical trade for metallic resistance wire. It is an alloy of 60% nickel and 16% chromium, and is the accepted material for heating devices operating up to 1000°C (1850°F). This encompasses most pluggable power cord domestic heating appliances and those heating units of medium temperatures which do not require the unsurpassed quality of NI/CR-80/20, the 80-20 alloy.

In addition to being commonly used in electrical heating, Nickel-Chrome 60 is used extensively in industrial applications for rheostats and resistance units. It makes for compact units capable of withstanding severe overloads and short circuits without damage or circuit impairment.

The excellent corrosion resistance of Nickel-Chrome 60 makes it very useful for purposes other than electrical heating. Acid dipping baskets, cyanide hardening and pickling containers, filter cloth, wire mesh, bolts and nuts are a few representative uses.

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