Booster Heater-Water Applications

NWHJR Series

Booster Heater-Water Circulation Heater | NWHJR Series

Booster Heater-Water Circulation Heater

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  • Heavy Wall Carbon Steel or Brass Pipe Body
  • 1.5 - 3 kW
  • 120 and 240V, Single Phase
  • 0.315" Dia. Copper Sheath Elements (80 W/In2 )
  • General Purpose or Moisture Resistant Terminal Enclosure
  • Integral Thermostat (60 - 180°F)
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Terminal Enclosure:

E1 General Purpose is standard. E4 Moisture Resistant available.
Seamless 0.315" diameter copper sheath heating element brazed to a 1" brass screw plug.
Available with galvanized steel or solid brass pipe body.
Integral thermostat with 60 to 180°temperature range located inside the terminal enclosure.
Easy to install; minimal size and weight, no supporting brackets are required.
Third Party:
UL Listed - CSA Certification available (except NWHJRG-01-003P-E1 120V). APPLICATIONS Type NWHJR (Junior) can be used to supply hot water or boost water temperature anywhere in a water distribution system.

kW Volts Ckt &
Dimensions (In.) Model No. Wt.
150 lb carbon steel pipe body — 1 copper element (80 W/In2)
1.51201-11812 3/8NWHJRG-01-01P5-E1/12014
1.52401-11812 3/8NWHJRG-01-01P5-E1/24014
21201-11812 3/8NWHJRG-01-002P-E1/12014
22401-11812 3/8NWHJRG-01-002P-E1/24014
2.51201-12216 3/8NWHJRG-01-02P5-E1/12016
2.52401-12216 3/8NWHJRG-01-02P5-E1/24016
31201-12216 3/8NWHJRG-01-003P-E1/12016
32401-12216 3/8NWHJRG-01-003P-E1/24016
150 lb brass pipe body — 1 copper element (80 W/In2)
1.51201-11812 3/8NWHJRB-01-01P5-E1/12014
1.52401-11812 3/8NWHJRB-01-01P5-E1/24014
21201-11812 3/8NWHJRB-01-002P-E1/12014
22401-11812 3/8NWHJRB-01-002P-E1/24014
2.52401-12216 3/8NWHJRB-01-02P5-E1/24016
32401-12216 3/8NWHJRB-01-003P-E1/24016
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