Temperature Datalogger


Temperature Datalogger System | OM8818

Temperature Datalogger System

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  • Collect Temperature Data
  • Rugged, Waterproof Housing
  • Start by Magnet or Schedule
  • RS232 Interface
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OM8818 is a complete temperature datalogger system at a remarkable low price. Each set comes with Windows compatible software, a datalogger unit and an infrared download box with data links. The OM8818 is ideal for monitoring ambient conditions in greenhouses, art galleries and museums.

Temperature Range:
-40 to 85°C (0 to 185°F).
Accuracy: -20 to 50°C, ±0.6°C (-4 to 122°F, ±1.1°F) -40 to -20°C, 51 to 85°C, ±1.2°C (-40 to -4°F, 123 to 185°F, ±2.2°F)
Resolution: 0.1°C
Sample Data: 8000 samples
Sample Unit: °C or °F.
Battery: ER3 (3.6V) lithium (>1 yr)
Real-time Clock Memory: Yes

OM8818: 124 x 52 x 92 mm (4.9 x 2 x 3.6"
OM8800D: 108 x 23 x 18 mm (4.3 x 0.9 x .7")
OM8800R: 124 x 28 mm (4.9 x 1.1)
Weight: Approx. 26 g (1 oz)
Case: ABS, Waterproof
Cable Length: 150 cm (5') with DB9 (9 pin) connector.
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