DIN Rail Fuse Terminal Blocks for 5x20mm Fuse, 300Vac/dc, 15A Single Circuit

OMTBV7-WFB Screw Connection Fuse Terminal Blocks

Screw Connection DIN Rail Fuse Block Terminal | OMTBV7-WFB Screw Connection Fuse Terminal Blocks

Screw Connection DIN Rail Fuse Block Terminal

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  • $8.70 Each in Packages of 10
  • Single circuit fuse block
  • Single circuit fuse block with LED blown fuse indication
  • Single circuit fuse block with neon blown fuse indication
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Fuse terminal blocks provide a convenient way to add fuses to your DIN rail wire panels. The fuse blocks accept 5 x 20 mm fuses and are rated up to 300V and 15A.

Omega’s new OMTBV7-W terminals are designed to meet the three most important criteria when selecting a terminal block line - ease of wiring, secure connections and durability. The line is also comprehensive, offering a wide array of terminal types for most circuits and functions, from control to low level power.

The Size You Need OMTBV7-W feed-through terminals come in ten sizes and are rated to 600V (800V IEC). They accommodate a full range of wire sizes from 30 AWG to 3/0 AWG (0.5mm² to 70mm² wire cross section). Many "specialty" feed-through terminals are also available that provide multiple terminations or increase the density of connections. This reduces panel space and saves money.

Super Reliable Connections The most important aspect of a terminal block is to join wires in a reliable connection. With OMTBV7-W terminals, a cone-shaped guide allows easy insertion of the wire into a nickel-plated barrel. As tightening torque is applied to strong stainless steel screws, the wire is secured between a recessed contact pad and serrated current bar. This corrosion-resistant clamping mechanism provides excellent performance in the most demanding industrial conditions.

Superior Insulation and Protection Features All metal parts are recessed, providing a touch-safe, dead front design for optimum safety. Terminal bodies are manufactured from Polyamide 6.6, known for its excellent thermal stability, impact resistance and resistance to electrical creepage. The insulating cases are rated up to 90°C (195°F) for continuous operation. They also stay elastic down to -40°C (-40°F) without fracturing.

International Approvals Omega’s new OMTBV7-W terminal block line is UL recognized and CSA Certified. Many terminals have also been certified for use in hazardous locations. The line also carries the CE Mark for use in most international markets.
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