Popular Precision Thermistor Probes for Laboratory Applications

ON-400 Series

Popular Precision Thermistor Probes for Laboratory Applications Models ON-40(*)-P | ON-400 Series

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  • Precision Thermistor
  • Various Styles to Meet Numerous Applications
  • Phone-Plug Connector Standard
  • 2252 Ohm @ 25 Degrees C
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OMEGA ENGINEERING Series "400" probes are for use in laboratory and R&D applications and have
interchangeable sensor accuracy of ±0.1°C. Each sensor is supplied with a 10-foot vinyl cable and
phone-plug connector. The Series "400" probes are 2252 Ohm @ 25°C.

Dimensions in mm (")
ThermistorON-401-PPGeneral Purpose. Used for short-term water and sub-soil readings. Most rugged, waterproof construction.100°C
ThermistorON-401-PP-VWater resistant, soft, flexible, vinyl tipped version of above model. 
ThermistorON-402-PPSmall Flexible. Vinyl sheath and tip. Cuvette temperatures. General purpose measurement. Continuous length.100°C
General Purpose
ThermistorON-403-PPTubular. Stainless steel probe for rugged duty. Often used for liquid immersion. Probe is immersible only to cap.100°C
ThermistorON-404-PPTubular-Glass. Chemically inert for liquid immersion use. Thermometric titration. Freezing point determination. Pyrex, 127 mm (5") long.100°C
ThermistorON-405-PPAir Temperature. Stainless steel probe suitable for test rooms, incubators, remote air readings, monitoring of gas streams, etc.100°C
ON-406-PPSame as ON-405-PP but with economical plastic housing.
ThermistorON-408-PP"Banjo" Surface Temperature. Skin, oral, axillary, water bath, air, surfaces temperatures. Stainless steel.100°C
ThermistorON-409-PPAttachable Surface Temperature. Stainless steel cup, epoxy-backed. Easy to tape on flat surfaces. Good for heat loss or compression efficiency study of piping.100°C
ThermistorON-410-PPTubular With Fitting. Rugged, stainless steel probe with pipe fitting.Suitable for taking readings in pipes or inside closed vessels.100°C
Gas, Liquid
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