Handheld Design Infrared Thermocouples with Roller, Swivel, and Right-Angle Styles

OS-88000 and OS-98000 Series

Handheld Design Infrared Thermocouples | OS-88000 and OS-98000 Series

Handheld Design Infrared Thermocouples

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  • Thermocouple Output for Compatibility with Thermocouple Meters and Controllers
  • Well Suited for Non-contact Measurement Applications
  • Right Angle and Swivel Head Probes for Hard-To-Reach Locations
  • Roller Probes Available for Moving Surfaces
  • Probes Include 5 Ft. PFA Shielded Cable
  • GMP Low Noise Miniature Connector Standard
  • TAS Adapter Sold Separately!
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Model OS-88202-(*)-(#) (Shown)
Model OS-98202-(*)-(#) With Swivel Head
A roller-surface probe, ideal for measuring outside wall temperatures. Can be used on moving or rotating surfaces of 560 to 1500 mm (22 to 60") dia., with 90 m (300 ft) per min. max surface velocity. Max. 200°C (400°F) surface temperature.

Model OS-88010-(*)-(#)
Model OS-98010-(*)-(#) With Swivel Head (Shown)
Long, 300 mm (12") reach probe. For use on ovens and furnaces. 160°C (325°F) max. surface temperature

Model OS-88107-(*)-(#)
Right angle, long reach probe with 200 mm (8") sheath length. 160°C (325°F) max. surface temperature

Model OS-88201-(*)-(#)
Model OS-98201-(*)-(#) With Swivel Head(Shown)

A roller-surface probe, for use on moving or rotating, smooth surfaces with velocity up to 60 m (200') per minute. 200°C (400°F) max. surface temperature.

Model OS-88101-(*)-(#)
Right angle design for hard-to-reach inside surfaces. For measuring stationary surface temperatures. 160°C (325°F) max. surface temperature.

Model OS-88001-(*)-(#)
Model OS-98001-(*)-(#) With Swivel Head (Shown)
Standard probe for stationary surface measurements. Suited to molds, plates, walls, glassware, etc. 160°C (325°F) max. surface temperature.

Range Chart
-50F -18 to 27°C (0 to 80°F)
- 80F 10 to 49°C (50 to 120°F)
-98.6F 16 to 39°C (60 to 102°F)
-140F 25 to 80°C (80 to 180°F)
-180F 70 to 104°C (160 to 220°F)
-240F 95 to 130°C (200 to 270°F)
-280F 125 to 155°C (260 to 310°F)
-340F 145 to 175°C (290 to 350°F)
-440F 170 to 250°C (340 to 480°F)
* Specify Calibration: J, K, T or E.
# Specify Range code from Range Chart above

Caution: This product and all in the series are not for use in medical evaluations. These products cannot be used to measure body temperature. They are meant for industrial and scientific purposes.
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