High Speed Infrared Detectors

OS1512, OS1532Superseded Product

High Speed Infrared Detectors | OS1512, OS1532Superseded Product

High Speed Infrared Detectors

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  • Rugged Construction
  • Wide Range of Temperature Measurements
  • Optional Light Projection of Target Area for Pin Point Accuracy
  • Air Purge Option
  • General Purpose - OS1512
  • 10 msec Time Constant - OS1512
  • Ranges to 3700°C (6692°F) Available - OS1512
  • Very High Speed - OS1532
  • Fast 0.3 msec Time Constant - OS1532
  • Ranges to 2150°C (3900°F) Available - OS1532


The OS1512 and OS1532 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Temperature Engineering department.

The OS1512 and OS1532 fixed distance pyrometers are designed specifically to be interfaced with DP1511, DP1521, and DP1531 monitors. The OS1512 detector can be used with either the single-channel DP1511 monitor or the four-channel DP1521 monitor.

It is offered with various field of view patterns as well as temperature ranges, and has the ability to be used with backlighting. (Backlighting defines the exact area being measured by projecting an image of light at a particular point on the measurement object.)

The OS1532 detector is designed to be used with the DP1531 high speed monitor. It is also offered in a variety of field of view patterns and temperature ranges, and has the ability for backlighting. It is used in applications requiring exceptionally fast response times (down to 0.3 msec) which are unattainable by conventional temperature measurement methods.

The OS1512 and OS1532 detectors are available in various temperature ranges with specific spot sizes at specific target distances. See the Part Number Builder at the bottom of this page for details.

Note: The OS1512 and OS1532 sensors are intended for fixed mount applications where the pyrometer location relative to the object being measured will be constant.
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