Fast Response Fiber Optic Infrared Sensors

OS1562, OS1572Superseded Product

Fast Response Fiber Optic Infrared Sensors | OS1562, OS1572Superseded Product

Fast Response Fiber Optic Infrared Sensors

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  • Temperature Ranges to 1825°C (3320°F)
  • ±1.0%Accuracy
  • Time Constant 10 msec 0 to 63.2%)
  • Small Spot Sizes Down to 0.020" at 6"
  • 1 mV/Degree Output Standard
  • Unaffected by Electrical Noise
  • Emissivity Adjustment for High Accuracy Measurements
  • Fiber Optic Vacuum Bushing Good for 10-7 Torr
  • Optional Backlighting For Precise Sighting
  • L1 Standard Probe
  • Available Second Output: 0 to 10 Vdc, 4 to 20 mA, J or K Thermocouple Signal
  • Signal Processing Available with OS1572


The OS1562and OS1572 Series has been superseded, please see the OS4000 Series as a possible substitute or consult OMEGA's Temperature Engineering department.

The OS1562 and OS1572 are stand-alone fiber optic infrared sensor for applications requiring the advantages of non-contact temperature measurement and fiber optic technology. They are used where conventional infrared detectors are not possible, such as with targets which are not easy to access, have small spot sizes, are in high energy fields or are in environments with high humidity or containing smoke, or in vacuum applications.

Some important factors that determine the fiber optic assembly needed with the sensors are: the distance from the fiber optic probe lens to the surface being measured; the size of object; the temperature range; the ambient temperature range around the fiber optics; the length of fiber optic cable; the method of heating the surface being measured; and the atmospheric conditions between the fiber optic lens and the product.

The ordering matrix shows a few configurations of the sensors with fiber optic probe assemblies. Consult OMEGA for other available fiber optic assembly configurations. All systems include sensor, fiber optic probe, and fiber optic cable.

Available Probe Types
L1 Lens Probe (Standard)
L2 Ceramic/Metal Tip
L3 Polymer Bolt
L4 Ejector Pin Probe

Model No. Temp.
Spot Size @
Target Dist.
OS1562F-L1-R1850 to 1800°F0.020"@6"5'1 mV/°

2nd output
see table
OS1562F-L1-R2400 to 850°F0.085"@6"1'N/A
OS1562F-L1-R3400 to 850°F0.22"@8"5'N/A
OS1562C-L1-R4900 to 1825°C1.0"@26"5'N/A
OS1572F-L1-R11600 to 3320°F0.020"@6"5'optional
see table
OS1572F-L1-R2400 to 850°F0.085"@6"1'
OS1572F-L1-R3450 to 1000°F0.22"@8"5'
OS1572C-L1-R4800 to 1550°C1.0"@26"5'

Optional Second Output
OS1562 Models - No Add’l Cost
Optional Second Output
OS1572 Models
Order Suffix Description
-V0 to 10 Vdc
-MA4 to 20 mA
-JJ thermocouple
-KK thermocouple
Order Suffix Description
-V0 to 10 Vdc
-MA4 to 20 mA

Optional Signal Processing Feature
OS1572 Models

Order Suffix Description
-PSPeak Sense and Hold
-SASignal Advertising
-FRFast Rise Variable Decay

IR2 SUPERMETER® Ultra High Performance 2-Color Ratio Fiber Optic Infrared Temperature Measurement and Control System          Fast Response Infrared Fiber Optic Thermometer/Transmitter with Local Display and Analog Output

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