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OS35 Series

Infrared Temperature Sensor | OS35 Series

Infrared Temperature Sensor

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  • Optics of 3:1 or 20:1
  • Outputs of 0 to 5 V, 0 to 10 V, 4 to 20 mA, or RS232
  • Ranges from -30 to 1000°C (-22 to 1832°F)
  • Digital System with Auto Calibration
  • Rugged Housing with Air Purge
  • Automatic Emissivity Shift and Ambient Radiation Correction
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The OS35 Series will be available until Dec 31st, 2018. Consider OS550A Series as a possible alternative or contact our Temperature Engineering department.
The OMEGA OS35 Series infrared temperature sensors offer intelligence in a rugged, easy to use package. The OS35 is centered around a high-speed microprocessor that continuously monitors and adjusts the complete system. While performing the complex algorithms determining the output, it also calibrates itself approximately once every second, removing any concerns over drift or sudden changes. Other advanced features include emissivity shift compensation and ambient radiation error correction. The rugged housing withstands thermal and mechanical shocks. The built-in air purge prevents dust, dirt, or condensing vapors from depositing on sensor optics, assuring long-term accuracy under all environmental conditions. The integral heat exchanger automatically warms (or cools) supply air to match the optical aperture temperature, eliminating drift.
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