Precision I/R Thermocouples

OS36-10-K Series

Precision IR Thermocouples  | OS36-10-K Series

Precision IR Thermocouples

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  • Built-in Air Purge
  • K Thermocouple Output Signal
  • Use With Standard Thermocouple Indicators and Controllers
  • Self-Powered
  • Temperature Compensated
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The OS36-10 Series provides precise temperature control for optimum product quality and maximum throughput. Like conventional thermocouples, all IR thermocouples do not require external power and plug into your controller, PLC, datalogger, recorder or data acquisition system. They simply measure temperature without contact. The internal air purge passages provide a highly efficient method of maintaining optical cleanliness in harsh environments.

Temperature Range
(2% Accuracy)
50F-18 to 27°C (0 to 80°F)
80F10 to 49°C (50 to 120°F)
98.6F16 to 39°C (60 to 102°F)
140F25 to 80°C (80 to 180°F)
180F70 to 104°C (160 to 220°F)
240F95 to 130°C (200 to 270°F)
280F125 to 155°C (260 to 310°F)
340F145 to 175°C (290 to 350°F)
440F170 to 250°C (340 to 480°F)
-45 to 1370°C (-50 to 2500°F)**
Field-of-View: 6° (10:1)
Minimum Spot Size: 20 mm (0.8")
Output Impedance: 4 to 8 kΩ (varies by model)
Operating Ambient Temperature Range: -18 to 85°C (0 to 185°F)
Air Purge: Built-in
Ambient Temperature Compensation: With air flow of 1.1 SCFM (20 psig) maximum ambient is 204°C (400°F)
Dimensions: 9.55 L x 3.49 cm Dia. (3.76 x 1.375"); 0.9 m (36") PFA coated lead wires
Weight: 184 g (6.5 oz) with cable
**See range chart for linear ranges. Measurement is practical beyond thermocouple table values by use of radiation laws. Polynomials available upon request.


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