Standard Size Thermocouple Connectors

OST-( )-( )

Standard Size Omega Thermocouple Connectors | Quick Shipping | OST-(  )-(  )

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  • Economical Hollow-Pin Thermocouple Connector Design
  • Color -Coding for ANSI or IEC
  • High Purity Thermocouple Alloy Pins and Sockets
  • Accepts up to 14 Gauge Solid or Stranded Wire
  • Compatible with All Standard Size Omega Connectors
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OST-( )-( ) is a legacy design. Whenever it is the only choice it is plug compatable with the OSTW standard size round pin connectors or any other similar round pin male TC plug or Female TC jack.

OSTW-( )-( ) standard size round pin and SMPW-( )-( ) mini size flat pin are the most current economical and widely stocked thermocouple connector designs.

OSTW -( )-( )current version Standard size with round pins See related links.

OSTW-( )-( ) is a standard size round pin, 2 pole TC connector assembled with high quality thermocouple alloy material. Thermocouple connectors of this design are used to connect or extend temperature sensors, extension wire and process equipment . The quick connect contact washer allows for a short straight wire to be terminated, a wire loop or wrap is not required. The Write-On Window tag is used to label as required.
OSTW-( )-F Universal is unique because it connects to either round pin or flat pin male TC connectors.
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