Portable Pressure Calibrators with Internal Pressure Source


Portable Pressure Calibrators with  Internal Pressure Source | PCL-5000

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2 anos de garantia
  • 0.05% FS Accuracy
  • Dual Scale Gage and Absolute Pressure Ranges
  • Portable, Lightweight, Approx. 11 kg (24 lb)
  • NIST Certificate Provided
  • All Hoses, Fittings, Connectors Supplied
  • Voltage/Current Display Mode for Transducer Testing
  • Over-Pressure Protection
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For rapid on-site calibration of transducers, transmitters, gages, and many other pressure-sensitive devices, OMEGA ® PCL-5000 Series calibrators provide high accuracy, reliability, and automatic pushbutton operation. OMEGA’s PCL-5000 portable, precision pressure calibrator is designed for the higher pressure range calibrations (20 to 2000 psi) and has its own self-contained 2000 psi nitrogen cylinder. It also provides push-button operation and switch selectable calibration modes for absolute or gagepressure. An extremely accurate instrument (±0.05% FS), the PCL-5000 comes complete with quick disconnect fittings and hoses for input and output pressure. The PCL-5100, a low-pressure unit with ranges from 30 inHG to 100 psi, offers five independent selectable ranges. Specifically designed for rugged field usage, it weighs less than 25 pounds and has its own built-in pressure and vacuum source.

Overall Accuracy: ±0.05% FS Max. (Accuracy statement includes all effects of linearity, hysteresis, repeatability and ambient temperature.)
Operating Temperature: 5 to 43°C (40 to 110°F)
Internal Pressure Cylinder: Capacity: 9.0 standard cubic feet; Volume: 80 cubic inches; Rating: 2015 psi
Overpressure Rupture Disc Rating: 3000 psig, nominal
Pressure Media Filter: Rating: 7 microns, nominal; Type: field replaceable filter cartridge
Control Valves: Type: Micrometering with positive shutoff. Adjustable stop and replaceable seat, non-destructible
Fill and Test Ports: Style quick disconnect type; Pressure rating: 3000 psig, min. connected or disconnected
Pressure Hoses: Quantity supplied: Two (1 input, 1 output); Length: 1.5 m (5 ft), nominal, each hose
Built-in Carrying Case: Rugged aluminum case with sealed cover and carrying handle
Weight: 11 kg (24 lb) (including all hoses and cables)
Size: 250 W x 410 L x 290 mm D (10 W x 16 L x 11.5" H)
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