Portable, High Accuracy Multifunction Calibrator


Multifunction Calibrator Portable, High Accuracy | PCL1200

Multifunction Calibrator Portable, High Accuracy

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  • Measures and Sources T/C (13 Types), RTDs (13 Types), Ohms, Current, Voltage, Frequency
  • Sources Pulse Trains
  • Isolated mA/V Readback Circuit for Complete Transmitter Calibration
  • Pressure Module Communication Port Compatible with OMEGA
    PCL-PM Series Pressure Modules
  • Built-In 24 V Supply Can Drive 4 to 20 mA Loops Up to 1000 Ohms
  • Direct Entry of Custom RTD Coefficients (R0, A, B, C)
  • All Source Modes Can be Programmed with Dedicated Setpoints to Speed Calibration and Linearity Tests
  • Highest Accuracy in Class—to 0.015% of Reading
  • Meets CE Requirements and is Designed to IEC 1010 Safety Standards
  • Supplied with Full Rubber Boot
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The PCL1200 multifunction calibrator has a feature set unmatched by other high-accuracy handheld calibrators in its price range. It is portable, provides the functions and accuracy of a laboratory-grade instrument, and has everything needed for virtually any calibration task. It can also measure and source thermocouples, RTDs, current, voltage, and frequency, and it can source pulse trains. It has a communications port for pressure modules and an isolated mA/V readback circuit. Arrow keys, direct numeric keypad entry, and 3 software-driven function buttons combine with a large, backlit, menu-driven graphics display to provide a highly intuitive yet powerful interface. A built-in 250 Ohm resistor for HartTM compatibility, compatibility with smart transmitters and PLCs, full fuseless protection, and a serial communications port for control using ASCII commands are additional features that make the PCL1200 indispensable for calibration tasks. A protective rubber boot is included with each unit.

Measuring Pressure with the PCL1200 With a PCL-PMA pressure module adaptor, the PCL1200 will work with all OMEGA PCL-PM pressure modules. See Specs and "To Order" chart.

SPECIFICATIONS (23 ±5°C Unless Otherwise Noted)
Voltage Read and Source:
Source: 0 to 20 Vdc
        Isolated: 0 to 30 Vdc
        Non-Isolated: 0 to 20 Vdc
Thermocouple mV:
    Read/Source: -10 to 75 mV
Current (mA):
Source: 0 to 24 mA
        Isolated: 0 to 24 mA
        Non-Isolated: 0 to 24 mA
Frequency (1 to 20 V Selectable Amplitude):
    cpm Source/Read: 2 to 600 cpm
    Hz Source/Read: 1 to 1000 Hz
    kHz Source/Read: 1 to 10 kHz
Pulse (Source Only; 1 to 20 V Selectable Amplitude): 1 to 30,000 pulses; 2 cpm to 10 kHz
    Source: 5 to 4000 O
    Read: 0 to 4000 O
Thermocouple Read and Source:
    Type J: -200 to 1200°C (-328 to 2192ºF)
    Type K: -200 to 1370°C (-328 to 2498ºF)
    Type T: -200 to 400°C (-328 to 752ºF)
    Type E: -200 to 950°C (-328 to 1742ºF)
    Type R: -20 to 1750°C (-4 to 3182ºF)
    Type S: -20 to 1750°C (-4 to 3182ºF)
    Type B: 600 to 1800°C (1112 to 3272ºF)
    Type C: 0 to 2316°C (32 to 4201ºF)
    Type XK: -200 to 800°C (-328 to 1472ºF)
    Type BP: 0 to 2500°C (32 to 4532ºF)
    Type L: -200 to 900°C (-328 to 1652ºF)
    Type U: -200 to 400°C (-328 to 752ºF)
    Type N: -200 to 1300°C (-328 to 2372ºF)
RTD Read and Source:
    Ni120 (672): -80 to 260°C (-112 to 500ºF)
    Pt100 (385): -200 to 800°C (-328 to 1472ºF)
    Pt100 (3926): -200 to 630°C (-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt100 (3916): -200 to 630°C (-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt200 (385): -200 to 630°C (-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt500 (385): -200 to 630°C (-328 to 1166ºF)
    Pt1000 (385): -200 to 630°C (-328 to 1166ºF)
    Cu10: -100 to 260°C (-148 to 500ºF)
    YSI400: 15 to 50°C (59 to 122ºF)
    Cu50: -180 to 200°C (-292 to 392ºF)
    Cu100: -180 to 200°C (-292 to 392ºF)
    Pt385-10: -200 to 800°C (-328 to 1472ºF)
    Pt385-50: -200 to 800°C (-328 to 1472ºF)

Operating Temperature: -10 to 50°C (14 to 122ºF)
Storage Temperature: -20 to 70°C (-4 to 158ºF)
Stability: ±0.005% of reading/°C (±5°C outside of 23°C)
Power Requirement: 6 Vdc
Batteries: 4 "AA" alkaline (included) or optional rechargeable
Dimensions: 220.9 H x 106.6 W x 58.4 mm D (8.7 x 4.2 x 2.3")
Weight: 863 g (30.5 oz)
Optional Accessory: Carrying case (Model No. CC572)
Accuracy Voltage: ±0.015% of reading, ±2 mV
Thermocouple: mV ±0.02% of reading, ±10 µV
Thermocouple Errors (In °C; Add 0.2 for Cold-Junction Compensation Error)
RTD Read/Source:
    Type J: 0.2°C Ni120 (672) 0.2°C
    Type K: 0.3°C Pt100 (385) 0.2°C
    Type T: 0.2°C Pt100 (3926) 0.2°C
    Type E: 0.2°C Pt100 (3916) 0.2°C
    Type R: 1.2°C Pt200 (385) 0.8°C
    Type S: 1.2°C Pt500 (385) 0.4°C
    Type B: 1.2°C Pt1000 (385) 0.2°C
    Type C: 0.6°C Cu10 1.4°C
    Type XK: 0.2°C YSI400 0.1°C
    Type BP: 0.9°C Cu50 0.4°C
    Type L: 0.2°C Cu100 0.3°C
    Type U: 0.25°C Pt385-10 1.4°C
    Type N: 0.4°C Pt385-50 0.4°C
Read Source:
    Current (mA): ±0.015% of reading, ±2 µA ±0.015% of reading, ±2 µA
    cpm: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD ±0.05% of reading
    Hz: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD ±0.05% of reading
    kHz: ±0.05% of reading, ±1 LSD ±0.125% of reading
Ohms (Works with All Pulsed Transmitters Down to 5 ms):
400 Ω Range: ±0.025% of reading, ±0.05 Ω ±0.025% of reading, ±0.05 Ω
4000 Ω Range: ±0.025% of reading, ±0.5 Ω ±0.025% of reading, ±0.5 Ω
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