PGP Series

Pressure Gauges, air pressure gauge, dial gauge, dial gage | PGP Series

Pressure Gauges, air pressure gauge, dial gauge, dial gage

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  • Durable and Accurate Design
  • U-Clamp Mount
  • 2 1 /2 Inch Dials
  • For Use in a Wide Variety of Applications
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Panel Gauges utilize a U-clamp mounting design. The attractive black painted steel case gauges are designed for use on instrument panels, air conditioning equipment, air and gas dryers, machine tools, air compressors, pressure test stands, and a wide variety of other panel gauge applications. The movement in the panel gauges is the unique OMEGA Spring Suspended Movement. The entire movement is suspended between two springs, with the Bourdon tube above and the link below. Wearing parts have been reduced to a minimum.
Movement parts are ultrasonically cleaned and lubricated with silicone oil to ensure long cycle life. The spring-suspended movement is resistant to shock, pulsation, and vibration, thus contributing to longer gauge life.

Panel gauges, with U-clamp mounting system, are durable and feature long-term life and stability. The attractive black steel-case gauges are designed for use in numerous panel gauge applications.

Case: Painted Steel
Window: Polycarbonate Plastic
Bourdon Tube: Bronze
Connection: Back Fitting: 1/4 NPT Brass
Dial Size: 2-1/2 in
Mounting: "U" Bracket
Ranges: Vacuum thru 400 psi
Accuracy: 3-2-3%; 3% first 10%, 2% middle 80%, 3 last 10%
Temperature: 66°C (150°F) max
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