Type T High Accuracy Test Gauges

PGT Series

Test Gauges, dial gages, dial gage | PGT Series

Test Gauges, dial gages, dial gage

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  • 0.25% FS Accuracy
  • Monel Wetted Parts
  • Stem and Panel Mount
  • Mirrored Scale
  • 4½, 6, or 8½" Dial Sizes
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Test Gauges are highly accurate gauges designed for use in instrument shops, plants of all types, and laboratories throughout industry. Performance, reliability, and precision measurement are coupled with consistent accuracy in meeting the demanding service needs of various test gauge applications, such as use as a master reference gauge, in test stand measurements, for production inspection, and for verifying the accuracy of general service gauges. The dial has a stainless steel mirror ring for pointer reflection to prevent parallax error. This mirror surface reflects the pointer in any position and allows the gauge to be read with great accuracy. The lightweight, friction adjustable balanced pointer with knife edge tip assures easy reading to the smallest subdivision. The accented dial graduations have a true width equivalent to 0.25% tolerance for quick and accurate gauge checking.

Case: Solid Aluminum with Epoxy-coated Black Finish
Window: Glass
Movement: Stainless Steel
Bourdon Tube: Monel
Connection: Monel
Fitting: ½ MNPT
Dial: Externally adjustable, aluminum, white background, black graduations and polished mirror band
   Stem: Lower Connection
   Panel or Stem: Back Connection
Accuracy: 0.25% FS
   Lower Connection Model: Threaded Aluminum
   Back Connection Model: Mounting Flange with Hinged Cover Ring Secured by Knurled Screw
Safety Features: Solid Front with Pressure Relief Back
Media Temperature: 66°C (150°F); models will withstand continuous temperature up to 177°C (350°F), but there will be discoloration of case and dial face)
Temperature Compensation: 0.005% FS/°F

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