General Purpose ½" MNPT pH Sensor

PHE-7357-10, PHE-5551-10

General Purpose 1/2

General Purpose 1/2" MNPT pH Sensor

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  • 16 Month Shelf Life
  • Universal Compatibility - Works with All Popular pH Controllers
  • Application
    • Potable Water Supplies
    • Cooling Towers
    • Fresh and Salt Water Aquariums
    • Secondary Treated Waste Water
Instumentação e Eletrodos para Medição de pH em Aplicações Industriais - Ver Produtos Relacionados


The PHE-7357 sensor is designed for use in most water and waste water applications. The large reservoir of reference electrolyte, coupled with the non-fouling nature of the Porous PTFE liquid junction, assures a long life in general service.

The sensor body reduces the risk of accidental breakage during installation and maintenance by the inclusion of protective lobes around the sensing element. Also available for ORP measurement.

Use of the high temperature version is recommended where service temperatures exceed 80°C (176°F).

PHE-5551 is a double-junction construction with solution ground in a robust PPS housing, being highly resistant to electrode poisoning solutions.

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