Thermocouple Profile Probes Made from High-Accuracy Special Limits-of-Error Wire (SLE)

PP3, PP6, and PP10 Series

Thermocouple Profile Probes | Miltipoint probes | PP3, PP6, and PP10 Series

Thermocouple Profile Probes | Miltipoint probes

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  • 3, 6, & 10 Sensing Points
  • 18 and 36" Lengths
  • 36" Long, 24 AWG Stranded Individual Leads
  • 3/16" Diameter 316SS Sheaths
  • J, K, T, and E Calibrations
  • Individual Thermocouple Terminations Labeled for Easy Identification
  • Up to 650°C (1200°F) Maximum Temperature Rating
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Profile probes consist of several smaller diameter thermocouples placed inside a single outer sheath. They are best suited for profiling the temperature at various points along a single axis. They can be used in many different applications: furnaces, reactors, heat exchangers, air ducts, and more. Mounting these multipoint probes with compression fittings permit easy adjustment of insertion position.

Profile Probe Configurator
The table below shows some typical configurations of profile probes. Omega also offers the Profile Probe Configurator a flexible online tool that will allows a user to configure a custom profile probe with up to 6 thermocouples. The Profile Probe Configurator is easy to use and does not require any log-on information. It provides in realtime the the price and availability of the configured probe. The probe may be immediately ordered online or just note the part number and order anytime in the future by visiting Omega.com's Quick Order Page. The same part number may even be used for ordering through the telephone and fax. Visit the Profile Probe Configurator now.
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