PRG101 and PRG501

Precision Pressure Regulators | PRG101 and PRG501

Precision Pressure Regulators

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2 anos de garantia RoHS
  • Two ¼ NPT Gage Ports Standard
  • High Accuracy Regulation
  • High Relief Capability
  • Unaffected by Vibration
  • Unaffected by Mounting Position
  • Setpoint Locknut Provided
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The PRG101 and PRG501 Series pressure regulators have an advanced design, consisting of a precision measurement capsule and a high gain servo amplifier to achieve high performance. The regulator can be used in a "dead end" application and will exhaust whenever the setpoint is lowered. Changes in supply pressure have a minimal effect on regulation accuracy. The regulator can be panel or pipe mounted. The PRG101 has two gage ports available for mounting Omega pressure gages for local indication. The PRG501 is ideal for having a dial gage reading when the unit is panel mounted. The dial gage is exterior to the panel.

Maximum Supply (Input) Pressure: 150 psi (1000 kPa)
Minimum Supply (Input) Pressure: 3 psi above desired output pressure
Minimum Regulated Pressure: 2 psi
Media: Dry gases only (oil free) filtered to better than 25 microns
Flow Capacity: 10 SCFM max
Sensitivity: 0.005 psi
Hysteresis and Repeatability: 0.05% setting
Working Temperature: -20 to 70°C (0 to 160°F)
PRG501 Dial Gauge: Dual scale psi and bar
Response Time to 50% Load Change: 0.2 seconds
Housing: IP65 sealed, Zinc diecasting, epoxy painted
Diaphragm Material: Nitrile reinforced elastomers
Capsule Material: Beryllium copper
Mounting: Any attitude; integral mounting nut supplied
Pressure Gauge (PRG501): Phosphor bronze bourdon tube
Process Connection: ¼ NPT female (pneumatic only)
Number of Turns in Control Range: 2-½ hand wheel turns
    PRG101: 0.75 kg (1.60 lb)
    PRG501: 1.15 kg (2.50 lb)

Model No.Adjustable
@ Mid-Range
Regulation Accuracy
(15 psi Supply Pressure
Change at Midrange)
PRG101 Series with Hand-wheel Adjustment
PRG101-25 2 to 25 psig 0.01 scfm 0.1%
PRG101-60 2 to 60 psig 0.02 scfm 0.05%
PRG101-120 2 to 120 psig 0.04 scfm 0.02%
PRG501 Series with Dial Gauge and Hand-wheel Adjustment
PRG501-X15 2 to 15 psig 0.01 scfm 0.1%
PRG501-30 2 to 30 psig 0.01 scfm 0.1%
PRG501-60 2 to 60 psig 0.02 scfm 0.05%
PRG501-120 2 to 120 psig 0.04 scfm 0.02%
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