PSU-93 and FPW-15

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DC Power Supplies

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  • PSU-93: Output Power - Unregulated 16 to 23 Vdc
  • FPW-15: Output Power - Regulated 15vdc at 400mA
  • Plug in Style
  • Used for Pressure and Temperature Tranducers
  • Economical Low Cost Solution
Indicadores de Velocidade de Ar e Túneis de Vento - Ver Produtos Relacionados


Input 105VAC 120VAC 130VAC
Output (mA) Output Vdc Output Vdc Output Vdc
No Load 0
Full Load 300
20 23 25
17.8 20.5 22
16.5 19.5 21
15 17.5 19
13.5 16 17
The PSU-93 and FPW-15 are power supplies which can provide power for signal conditioners, temperature and pressure transmitters and other electronic equipment. The PSU-93 is an unregulated power supply providing 16 to 23 vdc with a maximum output of 300mA. The FPW-15 is a regulated power supply delivering 15vdc at 400mA. These power supplies provide a low-cost solution to excitation problems. The compact design allows for plug in operation eliminating the need for hard wiring.
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