Very Low Differential Pressure for Air or Non-Conducting Gas, 4-20 mA Output Discontinued


Very Low Differential Pressure for Air or Non-Conducting Gas, 4-20 mA Output  | PX2670I

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  • 0.4% Accuracy Improves Energy Management Systems
  • 4-20 mA Output Is Compatible with Most 2-Wire Control Systems
  • Optional 3 1 /2 -Digit LCD Dispplay
  • IP65/NEMA-4 Enclosure
  • 11-Point Calibration Certificate Standard


The PX2670 series has been discontinued. Please see the PX655 as possible alternatives or contact our Pressure Engineering department.

OMEGA PX2670 Series pressure transducers sense either differential or gage pressure and convert this pressure to a highly accurate electrical signal. Used in building energy management systems, these transducers are capable of measuring pressures and flows with a high degree of accuracy to improve overall system efficiency. The units are temperature compensated to better than 0.33% FS/‹F over the range of 40 to 150‹F and have an IP65/NEMA-4 rated package to withstand environmental effects. A 31.2-digit LCD display is optional.

Excitation: 24 Vdc nominal
Max: 30.0 + (0.004 x Loop Resistance .) Vdc
Min: 14.0 + (0.02 x Loop Resistance .) Vdc
Loop Resistance: 0 to 800 .
Output: 4-20 mA (2-wire) with internal zero and span adjustments
Accuracy: }0.4% FS at constant temperature (includes linearity, repeatability, and hysteresis)
Linearity: }0.33% FS
Hysteresis: 0.020% FS
Repeatability: 0.10% FS
Output Impedance: <100 .
Operable Temperature Range: 0 to 150‹F (-18 to 65‹C) Compensated Temperature Range: 40 to 150‹F (5 to 65‹C)
Thermal Span Effect: }0.033%FS/‹F
Sensor: Capacitance
Position Effects: Range Zero Offset (%FS/G) 0-10 inH2O .03 0-1 inH2O 1 0-0.1 inH2O 4
Maximum Line Pressure: 10 psi
Negative Direction: 10 psi
Positive Direction: 10 psi
Wetted Parts: Air and non-conductive gas
Pressure Port: 3.16" OD tube fitting for 1.4" push-on tube
Electrical Connection: Internal Terminal Strip with Strain Relief
Weight: 11 oz (310 g)
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