1 inch Flush Diaphragm Low Pressure Transmitter



1" Flush Diaphragm Low Pressure Transmitter

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  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Processing and Industrial Applications
  • Large Flush Diaphragm for Plug Free Measurement of Difficult Fluids
  • 10 ft Cable with Conduit Connection on Body for Installation in Harsh Environments
  • Heavy Duty 1" NPT Fitting
  • 4-20 mA Output to Interface with Most Industrial Controls
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate
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OMEGA's PX42 is a high-accuracy, current output, industrial pressure transmitter with a specially designed flush diaphragm for use with industrial fluids and slurries that are difficult to measure because of sticking or plugging of orifices. Its hermetically sealed, all stainless steel construction makes it suitable for the harshest industrial environments. Three meters (10') of 2-conductor vented, shielded cable is standard with a ½ NPT fitting on the body for conduit installation. Pressure ranges from 0 to 3 psi to 0 to 30 psi are available to cover low-pressure processing and industrial applications.

The PX42 is also available in metric configurations, with M 1 male threaded port and ranges from 0-400 mbar to 0-1.6 bar. Please see the PXM42 for complete details, or contact our Pressure department for more information..

Excitation: 12 to 40 Vdc
Output: 4 to 20 mA ±0.10% adj
Zero Balance: 4 mA +10% -2% FSO adj
Accuracy: 0.25% linearity, hysteresis and repeatability combined
Operating Temp Range: -54 to 121°C (-65 to 250°F)
Compensated Temp Range: 16 to 71°C (60 to 160°F)
Thermal Effects:
    Span: 0.009% of rdg/°C
    Zero: 0.009% of FSO/°C
Proof Pressure: 200% of capacity
Burst Pressure: 500% of capacity
Wetted Parts: 316 SS with Inconel diaphragm
Pressure Port: 1-11½ NPT male
Electrical Connection: 3 m (10') 2-conductor vented cable with ½-14 NPT conduit fitting, with desiccant to protect vent from moisture
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