Smart Retrofit Kit for PX750 Transmitters  - Discontinued

PX750 Smart Kit

Smart Retrofit Kit for PX750 Transmitters | PX750 Smart Kit

Smart Retrofit Kit for PX750 Transmitters

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  • The Most Economical Way to Convert a Loop to Smart
  • Simple Plug-in Design
  • Compatible with PX750 Transmitters from 5 inH2O to 6000 psi
  • Integral Span and Zero Push Buttons
  • Digital Hart Communications Using Hart Protocol without Interrupting Output Signals


The PX750-SMART-KIT is the most economical way to obtain the benefits of smart electronics. The Smart electronics is a single board that is backward compatible with the installed base of PX750 transmitters with ranges from 5 inH2 O to 6000 psi.The retrofit kit allows remote communications, reranging and self diagnostics. A retrofitted transmitter features integral zero and span buttons for convenient reranging at the transmitter site. The electronics are also capable of linear and square root outputs which are software selectable. Failure alarm mode adjustable damping and Transmitter security features are also standard. The retrofitted PX750 communicates with the HART communicator and any other hosts implementing the HART communications protocol. The PX750-SMART-KIT is easy to install, five easy steps convert your analog transmitter to a smart transmitter. The kit contains everything needed to convert a PX750 analog transmitter into a HART ready SMART transducer. Included is the smart electronics package, circuit board spaces, terminal eyelets, standoffs, cover and cover O-ring.

Power Supply: 12 to 45 Vdc max load = 43.5 x (Supply volts -12)
Rangeability: 15:1
Output: 4 to 20 mA, user selectable linear or square root; digital signal superimposed on 4-20 mA signal available to HART® protocol devices
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