Smart Pressure Transmitter, High Stability, Low Drift - Discontinued


Smart Pressure Transmitter, High Stability, Low Drift | PX751

Smart Pressure Transmitter, High Stability, Low Drift

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  • Two-Way Communications, Remote Troubleshooting, Reranging, Reconfiguring, Access to Difficult to Reach or Hazardous Areas
  • Improved Performance, Increased Accuracy, Greater Stability and Noise Resistance
  • Diagnostic Capabilities, Continuous On-Line Self Check, Selectable Failure Alarm, Loop Test
  • Transmitter Includes Configuration, Calibration and Materials Data
  • Greater Performance, Wider Rangeability (100:1), Transmitter Security, Selectable Linear/Square Root Output, Multi-Drop
  • High Long Term Stability and Low Drift Ensure Accurate Measurements for Years
  • Fast Dynamic Response for Improved Control Capabilities
  • Cost Savings Due to Tighter Control and Reduced Maintenance Costs
  • Pressure and Temperature Output


The PX751 series has been discontinued. Please contact Sales for possible alternatives.

The PX751 is an industrial grade Smart pressure transmitter which offers two way communications using HART protocol. The PX751 features a continuously updated digital output which can provide pressure (in 16 different units of measure), percent of range, analog output and transducer temperature. In addition the HART communications allows remote troubleshooting, reranging and reconfiguration of transmitters in difficult to reach or hazardous locations.

The PX751 feature 0.075% full scale accuracy, 0.25% long term stability and a 5 year calibration cycle. Models are available for gage, differential, or absolute pressure measurement. High precision (0.05% accuracy) and high process temperature models are also available.
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