Sanitary Pressure Transducers with Metric Ranges

PXM409S Series

Sanitary Pressure Transducers with Metric Ranges High 0.08% Accuracy | PXM409S Series

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  • FAST DELIVERY! Stock to 2-Week!
  • High 0.08% Accuracy
  • Solid State Sensor for Long Term Stability
  • Welded Stainless Steel Construction
  • 316L SS Wetted Parts
  • Now Available with M12 Connector, Order Model PXM459S
  • Shock and Vibration Rated
  • High Overpressure Rating
  • Ruggedized with Secondary Containment System
  • Industrial CE Rating
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3-A approvedThe PXM409S Sanitary Metric range Series micromachined silicon transducers with 1½ or 2" sanitary fittings are ideal for pressure or level CIP applications in food processing, beverage, dairy, or bio/ pharmaceutical applications. They are also rugged enough for most industrial applications requiring a high accuracy CIP transducer. The micromachined silicon sensor provides a very stabile reading with exceptional high accuracy of 0.08% and a broad compensated temperature range of -4 to 85°C on most ranges. The modular construction allows for fast delivery of most configurations and fittings. Plus, customized models also can be delivered quickly to suit your exact needs.

Accuracy: ±0.08% Best Straight Line (Linearity, Hysteresis and Repeatability combined) Compound Gage models calibrated in positive direction only
Calibration: 5-point NIST traceable calibration with zero and span values, calibrated in horizontal direction
Operating Temperature Range: -15 to 115°C (-5 to 240°F)
Compensated Temperature Range:
    ≤350 mb: 4.4 to 60°C (40 to 140°F)
    >350 mb: -4 to 85°C (25 to 185°F)
Temperature Compensation Zero and Span Shift Over Compensated Range:
    ≤170 mb: Zero:1.00%
    Span: 0.70%
    = 350 mb: Zero: 0.80%
    Span: 0.50%
    > 350 mb: Zero: 0.50%
    Span: 0.50%
550H and 880H Barometric Range:
    Zero: 0.90%
    Span: 0.50%
Zero Balance: ±0.5% full scale typical ±1% maximum (for ranges =170 mb ±1% typical ±2% maximum)
Span Setting: ±0.5% full scale typical ±1% maximum (for ranges =170 mb ±1% typical ±2% maximum)
Minimum Isolation Between Case and Output Terminations: 100 M Ω @ 50 Vdc
Pressure Cycles: 1 million, minimum
Long Term Stability (1-Year): ±0.1% full scale typical
Shock: 50 g, 11 mS half sine shock, (under test)
Vibration: ±20 g (under test)
Bandwidth: DC to 1 kHz typical
Response Time: <1 mS
Fill Fluid: NEOBEE M5 Food Grade
Approved to 3A Sanitary Specification 74-03 CE Compliant: Meets industrial emissions and immunity standard IEC61326
Environmental Protection: IP65 or IP67 depending upon electrical termination
Pressure Rating: 1½" and 2" Tri-Grip™ (compatible the Tri-Clamp®)
Fitting: 40 bar using suitable clamp
Over Pressure: 4 x rated pressure to maximum rated flange pressure
Secondary Containment: 6 x rated pressure to a maximum of 138 bar (not in clamp)
Wetted Parts: 316L SS
Weight: 285 g (10 oz)
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