General Purpose Air Line Pressure Regulators for Compressed Air  - Discontinued

R07-200-RGKA Inline Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators, FRLs, Inert gas | R07-200-RGKA Inline Pressure Regulator

Pressure regulators, FRLs, Inert gas

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  • Full Flow Gauge Ports - 15 SCFM (7 DM3/S)
  • Maximum Inlet Pressure 20 bar (300 psig)
  • Snap Action Locking Adjustment Knob
  • Standard Relieving Allows Reduction of Pressure When System is Dead-Ended
  • 1/4" PTF Inlet & Outlet Ports
  • Bushings Available for 1/8" PTF Ports


The R07 series has been discontinued. Please contact our Flow Engineering department for a viable replacement.

General purpose air pressure regulators are designed for in-line use as a single regulating control source for compressed air. These air pressure regulators are full flow ported for excellent flow and regulation characteristics. They include PTF threads, relieving diaphragm, gauge, and a 0.3 to 8.5 bar (5 to 125 psig) pressure adjustment range. They are suitable for a wide range of pneumatic tools and components and an excellent point of use economic regulator. These units can be panel mounted with a 30 mm (1.19") diameter mounting hole or can be used with the optional bracket and panel nut.

Operating Temperature*: -34 to 65°C (30 to 150°F)
Maximum Pressure: 20 bar (300 psig)
Port Sizes:
     1/4" PTF supply and output
     1/8" PTF gauge
Pressure Drop: 15 psi at 150 psi inlet and 90 psi output
Flow : 7dm³/s (15 scfm)
     Body: Zinc
     Bonnet: Acetal
     Valve Seat: Acetal
     Elastomers: Nitrile
*Air supply must be dry enough to avoid ice formation at temperatures below 2°C (35°F)
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