Multi Input Compact mV, mA, or Thermocouple Recorders

RD288, and RD255

Thermocouple Recorders | RD288, and RD255

Thermocouple Recorders

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  • dc Input, and Thermocouple Input
  • 58 mm (2 5/16") Recording Width
  • 2.54 cm/hr (1 in/hr) Standard Chart Speed
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OMEGA offers three compact units for recording dc signals, and temperature (from thermocouples). The RD288 galvanometric recorder permits full-scale measurement of signals by striking a stylus against pressure-sensitive paper. The economical RD255 thermocouple recorder measures temperatures from remote thermocouple probes.

Ambient Temperature: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
Primary Power: 100 to 130 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: 93 H x 143 W x 110 mm D (358 x 556 x 4516")
Weight: 1.7 kg (3.75 lb)
RD288 DC Input Recorder Inputs (Resistance in Ω): 0 to 1 mA (100), 4 to 20 mA (6.25), 0 to 100 mV (100)
Striking Rate: Once every 2 s
Accuracy: ±2% max continuous
input: 150%
Connections: Input, 6-pin connector; detachable line cord

RD255 Thermocouple Recorder
Input Types: E, J, K, R, S, T thermocouples
Ranges: 0 to 250°F, 0 to 500°F, 0 to 1000°F, 0 to 100°C, 0 to -300°C
Accuracy: ±2% span
T/C Break Protection: Up-scale
Maximum Loop Resistance: 1 kΩ
Connections: Inputs, SMP connector; power, line cord
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