High Performance X-Y Recorders
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RD3020 Series

High Performance X-Y Recorders, One and Two Pen, Fast Response, High Slewing Speed & Acceleration | RD3020 Series

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  • Fast Pen Response, Slewing Speed of 2200 mm/sec (86.6 in/sec) in the Y-Axis, 2000 mm/sec (78.7 in/sec) in the X-Axis
  • High Acceleration, 7.6 G in the Y-Axis and 5.1 G in the X-Axis (One-Pen Model)
  • ±0.2% Accuracy (RD3023/24), ±0.25% Accuracy (RD3025) 50 µV/cm Max Sensitivity
  • 50 µV/cm Max Sensitivity
  • Trouble-Free Electrostatic Paper Hold Down with Back-Lighted LED for Accurate Paper Alignment
  • 10 Scales of Calibrated Offset (Std), 16 Speeds of Time Base (Standard on RD3023/24, Optional for RD3025)
  • Remote Control of Sweep Start and Reset, and Pen Lift by External Contact or TTL Level Signals
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The RD3023/3024/3025 Series recorders are fast, high-performance X-Y recorders, available in either 1- or 2-pen models. The RD3023/3024 are size A3 X-Y recorders, and the RD3025 is an A4 X-Y recorder. These recorders offer high slewing speed and high acceleration. The slewing speed and acceleration of the 1-pen model in the Y-axis is 2200 mm/s (86.6 in/sec) 7.6 G, and 2000 mm/s (78.7 in/sec) 5.1 G in the X-axis (2-pen model is 7.0 G in the Y-axis and 4.5 G in the X-axis).

Excellent phase and frequency characteristics ensure precision recording of fast-changing signals. For optimal convenience, these recorders come with easy-to-use, felt-tip pen cartridges, a 10-position offset input dial, 16 speeds of internal time base (standard on RD3023/3024, optional on RD3025), remote control of sweep start and reset, and pen lift by external contact or TTL level signals.

The arrangement of controls on the front panel is neat and logical, including convenient servo ON/OFF polarity reversal switches, and preamplifiers separated from the input terminals for safety input wiring. The noise performance of these recorders is excellent, eliminating the low-pass filter switch.

Drive System: Automatic null-balancing DC servo mechanism
Writing Area (Effective Recording Span):
    RD3023/24: X-axis 381 mm (15"), Y-axis 254 mm (10")
    RD3025: X-axis 254 mm (10"), Y-axis 180 mm (718")
Number of Pens:
    RD3023-1/24-1/25-1: 1-pen
    RD3023-2/24-2/25-2: 2-pen
Writing System: Ink writing using disposable felt-tip pen cartridges
Ink Colors: Red for 1st pen, green for 2nd pen
Basic Accuracy: ±0.2% (RD3023/24); ±0.25% (RD3025) of effective recording span (including non-linearity and deadband) at 23 ±5°C (73 ±9°F) on 50 mV/cm range
Error Between Ranges: Less than ±0.1% of pen deflection
Deadband: Less than 0.1% of effective recording span
Slewing Speed (Nominal): X-axis 2000 mm/s, Y-axis 2200 mm/s
Acceleration (Nominal):
    One-pen models: X-axis 5.1 G, Y-axis 7.6 G
    Two-pen models: X-axis 4.5 G, Y-axis 7.0 G
Pen Lift: All pens simultaneously lifted or lowered by PEN UP-DOWN switch on front panel, or by an external contact or TTL level signal
Chart Paper:
    RD3023/24: A3-size graph paper
    RD3025: A4-size graph paper
Paper Hold-Down: Electrostatic paper hold-down with LED spot paper alignment
Type of Input: Front (RD3023/25) or rear (RD3024) input, floating, guarded and shielded (polarity reversal switch on front panel)
Input Ranges: 50 µV/cm; 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50 mV/cm; 0.1, 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5 V/cm (16 calibrated ranges plus continuous vernier between ranges)
Zero Set: Adjustable to any point on the writing area
Input Impedance: Approx 1 MΩ constant on all input ranges
Maximum Source Resistance: 10 kΩ
Zero Stability (Nominal): ±(1.5 µV ±0.02% of effective recording span)/°C Maximum Allowable Input Voltage
(Continuous): 50 Vdc on 50 µV/cm to 50 mV/cm ranges, or 250 Vdc on 0.1 V/cm to 5 V/cm ranges
Maximum Common Mode Voltage:
    RD3023/25: 250 Vrms AC, or 350 Vdc
    RD3024: 130 Vrms AC, or 180 Vdc
Common Mode Rejection: More than 140 dB at power line frequency or at DC
Normal Mode Rejection: More than 50 dB
Offset Input: Selectable to ±20, 40, 60, 80, 100 cm (±7.87, 15.7, 23.6, 31.5, 39.4 in) (10 ranges) or 0 (OFF) by frontpanel dial
Accuracy of Offset Input: ±0.2% of offset setting range Temperature Drift of Offset Input: ±100 ppm/°C
Time Base (Standard for RD3023/24,Optional for RD3025): Sweep rates 0.25, 0.5, 1, 2.5, 5, 10, 25, 50 s/cm and min/cm (1 cm = 0.3937 in) (accuracy ±0.5%); pens automatically lifted after sweep or reset; trial sweep available with pens lifted
Operating Position: Horizontal, vertical or inclined
Operating Temperature Range: 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
Humidity Range: 40 to 80% relative humidity
Dielectric Strength: 1500 Vac (RD3023/25) or 1000 Vac (RD3024) for 1 minute between power line and case, and between input-guard terminals and case
Insulation Resistance: More than 100 MΩ at 500 Vdc between power line and case, and between input-guard terminals and case
Power Requirements: 100, 115, 200 or 230 Vac (must be specified), for both 50 and 60 Hz
Power Consumption (Approx):
    RD3023/24-1: 210 VA max, 70 VA min
    RD3023/24-2: 250 VA max, 80 VA min
    RD3025-1: 180 VA max, 40 VA min
    RD3025-2: 210 VA max, 50 VA min
    RD3023/24: 441 x 482 x 136 mm (17.4 x 19 x 5.4")
    RD3025: 299 x 413 x 152 mm (113.4 x 161.4 x 6")
    RD3023/24-1: 17 kg (37.45 lb)
    RD3023/24-2: 18 kg (39.6 lb)
    RD3025-1: 13 kg (28.6 lb)
    RD3025-2: 14 kg (30.8 lb)
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