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Compact/Portable Single or Dual Channel Recorder, External or Battery Powered


Vertical Chart Recorder | RD3057

Vertical Chart Recorder

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  • 3 Power Options:ac; ac, Ni-Cad, dc; and ac, 1.5 V Batteries, dc
  • Single or Dual Channel
  • 12 Input Ranges from 10 mV to 50 V FS
  • 8 Chart Speeds from 60 cm/min to 2 cm/h
  • Chart Speed Accuracy ±0.25%
  • Fast Response 300 mm/sec Max.
  • Tilting Chart Plate Lets User Write Comments Directly Onto the Chart
  • Vertical or Flatbed Operation
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The RD3057 150 mm (6") Portable Recorder is designed for use in virtually every application, including field and laboratory work. Available in either single or dual channel models, the RD3057 can be used as either a vertical or flatbed recorder and offers three power options: ac line; ac, Ni-Cad battery and external dc; and ac, 1.5 V batteries and external dc.

The RD3057 features a non-contacting ultrasonic pen position transducer in the servo mechanism which eliminates many moving parts, resulting in higher reliability and longer operating life. These recorders also feature a chart drive using a pulse motor and crystal oscillator, providing a chart speed accuracy of ±0.25%.

The RD3057 offers 12 input ranges from 10 mV to 50 V FS, 8 chart speeds from 60 cm/min to 2 cm/h, operates with either Z-fold or roll chart paper, and has a tilting chart plate to facilitate easy viewing or note-taking on the chart.

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10 rolls chart paper, 20 m (65 ft.)
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10 Z-fold charts, 15 m (50 ft.)
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9 green pens, channel 2
Preços indicados em Reais e já incluem todos os impostos e taxas de acordo com a legislação vigente. Nota: Comes with three pens for each channel (red for channel 1, green for channel 2), Z-fold chart (15 m), rechargeable Ni-Cad battery (RD3057-12/22), ten 1.5 V batteries (RD3057-13/23), external dc power source connector (RD3057-12/13/22/23), power cord and operator's manual.