Universal Relay Module


Universal Relay Module | RELAY-URM-400, RELAY-URM-800

Universal Relay Module

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  • Low-Level Input Signals—5 to 24 Vdc
  • Logic Level Inputs (TTL, CMOS, etc.)
  • Direct- or Reverse- Acting Input
  • Contact Closure Input
  • Operate Relays with Remote Switch
  • Compatible with Most PLCs and Controllers
  • Normally Open/ Normally Closed Contacts
  • Relay Status Indication on Front Panel
  • Euro-Style Pluggable Connectors
  • Panel, DIN Rail, or Wall Mountable
  • Auxiliary Power Supply Output (5 Vdc)
  • AC and DC Supply Status Indication
  • All-Aluminum Enclosure
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The versatile RELAY-URM Series relay module can switch up to eight 15 A loads using low-level input signals from PLCs, process controllers, and indicators. Its flexible inputs will accept a wide variety of control signals. Selectable input allows activation of output relays on a direct-acting or reverseacting signal. Similarly, input signals can range from 5 to 24 Vdc. Conditioning of input allows open-collector or logic level inputs (e.g., TTL, CMOS) from PLCs or controllers to be used for switching output relays. In addition to working with control/logic level signals, the RELAY-URM can activate output relays on contact closure.

Many process-control instruments have low-power relays that provide contact closure for low-amperage switching but are not suitable for handling heavy loads. Simply connect the low-power relay contact output to the RELAY-URM unit and instantly get up to eight 15 A load switching relays.

Input and output connections are made through Euro-style pluggable connectors, conveniently located on the top and bottom of the unit. Screw-in terminals allow for quick connect/disconnect of wires.

The unit is housed in a versatile enclosure that can be mounted on a DIN rail or a wall. If desired, the same enclosure can be panel mounted, with relay and AC and DC supply status visible on the front. LEDs on the front panel turn on when a relay is energized.

Both 4- and 8-relay module units come with a built-in universal power supply that operates on 100 to 240 Vac. This supply provides power to the internal electronics and relays and puts out up to 20 W (5 Vdc), available for external applications.

Relay Specifications:

   Type: Electro-mechanical relay, SPDT
   Current Rating: 15 A
   Switched Voltage: Up to 250 Vac
   Coil Voltage: 5 Vdc
   Operating Time (Typical): 10 ms
   Release Time: 5 ms
   Mechanical Life Expectancy: 10 million operations
   Temperature Rise: 25°C (45°F) at nominal coil voltage
Output Connections:
   Type: Euro-style pluggable connectors
   Terminals: Screw-type
   Terminal Spacing: 5 mm (0.196")
   Stripped length: 6 mm (0.236")
   Current Rating: 15 A
   Wire Size: 22-14 AWG
Input Connections:
   Type: Euro-style pluggable connectors
   Terminals: Screw-type
   Terminal Spacing: 3.51 mm (0.137")
   Stripped Length: 7 mm (0.275")
   Current Rating: 8 A
   Wire Size: 28-16 AWG
Power Supply:
   Universal Input: 100 to 240 Vac
   Power: 25 W
   Overvoltage Protection: 115 to 135% of output
   Leakage Current: Less than 0.5 mA
   Efficiency: 75 to 78% typical
   Output Termination: Euro-style screw terminal; dual supply output available (consult Engineering)
   Case: 114 L x 69 W x 140 mm D (4.5 x 2.7 x 5.5")
   Bezel size: 76 W x 146 H x 1.5 mm D (3.0 x 5.75 x 0.06")
   Weight: 0.9 kg (2 lb)
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