Low Wattage Appliance Thermostat & Infinite Control Mechanism

SA & CH Series

Low Wattage Appliance Thermostat & Infinite Control Mechanism | SA & CH Series

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  • 35 to 315°C (95 to 599°F) Temperature Range (for SA Series)
  • Non-Indicating (for SA Series)
  • 120 and 240 V, Single Phase (for SA Series)
  • Appliances
  • Any Device Which Permits Direct Contact With Heated Surface

    CH Series
  • Mechanical Bi-Metal Operation
  • Knob Setting 0 to 100% Watts
  • Double-Pole, Single-Throw (DPST) Snap-Action
  • Positive Break
  • 120 or 240 V, 1800 & 3600 Watts
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SA Series
Must Be Firmly Mounted to Heated Surface

Temperature differential of approximately 3 to 11°C (5 to 20°F) depending on rate of temperature change, location, mounting, etc.
Slow make and break single pole single throw switch cannot be used for pilot duty with a magnetic contactor.
Temperature adjustment knob or set-screw adjustment is an option.

CH Series
An inexpensive but positive control for laboratory or industrial hotplates, this series can also be used for controlling comfort heaters, small electric furnaces, dies, platens and other applications where infinite control is required within the current rating of the switch.
No cams or levers to adjust. No motor to burn out.

Bi-metal acts at settings less than HI to limit electrical input and depress temperature.

For use in ambients less than 80°C (179°F)

For higher ac and all dc heating loads,
use magnetic contactors.

Gives infinite control for non-inductive loads up to 15 amperes on 120 or 240 volts. Can be turned either to left or right to select proper heat from 0 to 100% wattage with infinite control over first 50% of total wattage.
Energized continuously in HI position, at other settings it delivers selected input level under control of a simple bi-metal timer.
Only 3 mounting holes are necessary to install in box or panel.

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