Linear Pattern Karma Strain Gages

SGK-L Series

Linear Pattern Strain Gages | SGK-L Series

Linear Pattern Strain Gages

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  • K-Series, Premium Karma Strain Gages
  • Stock Delivery
  • Plated Solder Pads for Easy Wiring
  • Stock Delivery with Solder Pads
  • Good Linearity Over Wide Temperature Range -75 to 200°C (-100 to 392°F)
  • Good Fatigue Life
  • Custom Gages Available
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The linear pattern Karma strain gages are used to measure strain in a single direction. The strain gage pattern is shown on the left side of the table. Notice the "arrow" which indicates the principal stress direction.

The linear pattern strain gages are available in a variety of styles and sizes. OMEGADYNE® offers miniature linear patterns for strain measurement of a stress concentration or high gradient areas. The terminations are offered both at one end of the grid, or with one at each end of the grid. Wide or narrow linear grid patterns are available. Karma gages are supplied with plated solder pads for easy wiring.

To determine if the strain gages have temperature characteristics matched to steel or aluminum, see (on the Spec sheet) the column labeled "COMP" short for compensation, "ST" indicates steel, "AL" indicates aluminum. See the column labeled "BTP" for accessory bondable terminal pad model numbers.

Dimensions are listed for pattern gage grid length (A) and width (B), and the matrix or carrier length (C) and width (D). The patterns include alignment triangles and letter codes indicating creep code.
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