Silicone Rubber Laminated Drum Heaters

SHDH and SSDH Series

Drum Heaters | SHDH and SSDH Series

Drum Heaters

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  • Low Watt Density Electrical Resistance Heater
  • Models Available for 55, 30, 15, and 5 Gallon Drums
  • With or Without Adjustable Thermostat
  • Quick and Simple Installation
  • For Freeze Protection or Temperature Maintenance Applications
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OMEGALUX™ Silicone Rubber Laminated Heavy Duty Drum Heaters are electrical resistance heaters in blanket form. They are designed to provide a practical efficient means of freeze protection, viscosity control, melting of solids and maintaining materials at elevated temperatures.

OMEGALUX Heavy Duty Drum Heaters are totally integrated heating systems consisting of a durable, multi-strand nickelchromium heating element insulated with two applications of high temperature fiberglass yarn and knitted into tape form. These tapes are laminated between multiple layers of silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth.
The SHDH series also features a dense grounding grid of tinned copper wire.

The optional OMEGALUX™ Thermostatic Control combined with the low watt density serpentine heating element ensures even heat distribution across the entire inner surface of the drum heater and provides a positive prevention from hot spots and overheating sensitive products.

Heater Selection Guide
Heater Wattage  Drum Size(Heater Length) 
1200 55 Gallon(66.5 inches)
1200 55 Gallon(66.5 inches)
965 30 Gallon(54 inches)
698 15 Gallon(40 inches)
550 5 Gallon(31 inches)


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