Solar Powered LCD Thermometers for Bi-Metal or Glass Thermometer Stem Applications - Discontinued

SPT11 & SPT12 Series

 | SPT11 & SPT12 Series

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  • Self-Powered with Ten Lux Rating
  • Capable of Handling Humidity up to 95% RH Non-Condensing
  • Display Can Pivot and Swivel
  • 0.375" (9.5 mm) LCD Display
  • °C/°F Switchable
  • Protective Plastic Digital Display Cover
  • Hi-Impact Plastic Case


The SPT11 & SPT12 series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a possible alternative.

The SPT10 Series solar-powered digital thermometers feature stem assemblies for direct replacement for either mercury-in-glass types where environmental concerns exist or bi-metal dial thermometers. With a ten Lux (one foot-candle) rating and a 10-second display update, these light powered instruments maintain the strict requirements for thermometers in hydronic applications and have excellent accuracy specifications. In addition, the SPT10 Series is very versatile. The unit can swivel and pivot to meet your custom installation requirements.

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