Beaker Heaters

SRBH Series

Beaker Heaters | SRBH Series

Beaker Heaters

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  • Easy-to-Install and Remove
  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant
  • Evenly Heats Across Beaker Surface
  • Fits Griffin and Standard Size Beakers
  • Hook and Loop Closure Allow for Quick Installation and Removal
  • Easily View Graduation During Set-Up and Operation
  • Requires a Temperature or Power Controller (not included)
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Max Exposure Temperature: 232°C (450°F)
Power Density: 5.0 watts/in2 (0.008 watts/mm2)
Dielectric Strength: Over 2000V
Power Leads: 61 cm (2')
Standard 2-Prong Plug: 120 Vac (NEMA 1 to 15)
Bare Wire Connection: 240 Vac
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