Rugged Low Cost Flexible Heating Blankets

SSHB Series

Rugged Low Cost Flexible blanket Heater | Moisture & Chemical Resistant | SSHB Series

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  • Moisture and Chemical Resistant blanket heater
  • Constant Low Watt Density of 2½W/in2
  • Maximum Exposure Temperature of 450°F
  • Five Standard Sizes
  • Easy to Install
  • 120, 240 or 480 V*
  • Optional Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Available
    •Storage Tanks
    •Water and Feed Troughs
    •Dust Collectors
    •Tank Trucks
    •Process Vats and Dip Tanks
    •Melt Pots
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OMEGALUX™ silicone rubber laminated heating blankets are low watt density electrical resistance heaters in blanket form. They are designed for freeze protection as well as process temperature control applications. The rugged heater element is made from multi-strand braided and knitted wire. The vulcanized heater assembly is water tight. Optional pressure sensitive adhesive makes installation easy. Heat from the blanket itself cures the silicone adhesive, creating a permanent bond.

Fire and electrical shock may result if products are used improperly or installed or used by non-qualified personnel. See inside back cover for additional warnings.

Model No. (Without Adhesive) Model No. (With Adhesive) Volts Watts Dimensions
SSHB-612-180-120SSHB-612-180-120-P1201806" x 12"
SSHB-612-180-240SSHB-612-180-240-P2401806" x 12"
SSHB-624-360-120SSHB-624-360-120-P1203606" x 24"
SSHB-624-360-240SSHB-624-360-240-P2403606" x 24"
SSHB-1212-360-120SSHB-1212-360-120-P12036012" x 12"
SSHB-1212-360-240SSHB-1212-360-240-P24036012" x 12"
SSHB-1224-720-120SSHB-1224-720-120-P12072012" x 24"
SSHB-1224-720-240SSHB-1224-720-240-P24072012" x 24"
SSHB-2424-1440-120SSHB-2424-1440-120-P120144024" x 24"
SSHB-2424-1440-240SSHB-2424-1440-240-P240144024" x 24"

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