8mm (0.315") Diameter Round Heater with Sealed End and Single-End Termination  - Discontinued

STRC Series 8mm

Round Immersion Heaters | STRC Series 8mm

Round Immersion Heaters

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  • Copper Sheath for Fast Heat Transfer
  • 350 to 2400 Watts to Fit Most Heating Applications
  • 120 and 240 Volt
  • 4 to 50 W/in2
  • 175°C (350°F) Maximum Sheath Temperature
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The STRC series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a viable replacement.

A high quality heater with a copper sheath for heating Molds, Dies and other heat-transferring metal parts. They are also excellent for air heating applications, and Immersion heating with flange, screw-plug, threaded fitting or other means of mounting.
Elements with a ealed end and with both terminals at one end, can simplify wiring in many cases. Use slim elements to concentrate heat into a confined area, taking up less space than a U-shaped element with terminals at each end.
Construction is similar to the standard Omegalux tubular design, except that both terminals of the embedded resistor wire are at one end of the element. 25.4 cm (10") lead wires have silicone-impregnated Fiberglass sleeves and are attached to the terminals inside a ceramic terminal bushing.
Sealed End for Immersion Heating on end opposite terminals is provided on all stock, single-end elements. When ordering non-stock elements, specify "sealed end" when used as an immersion heater.
Bending: Generally not recommended for single-end elements.
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