Thermocouple to Analog Converter, Battery or AC Power - Discontinued

TAC80B Series

Thermocouple to Analog Converter | TAC80B Series

Thermocouple to Analog Converter

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  • Linear 1 mV per Degree Output from Thermocouples
  • °C/°F Switchable
  • Battery or ac Powered
  • Mates to Male and Female Standard Banana Plugs
  • Integral Cold Junction Compensation


TAC80B Series are discontinued. As an upgrade substitute, please check out the new TXUN temperature transmitter FM Approved Model for details. See all TXUN Series.

The TAC80B temperature linearizer accepts the input signal from a thermocouple and outputs a linear 1 mV/degree analog signal for use with recorders and other instruments. TAC80B models operate using a 9V battery (included) and may be ac powered using the optional TAC80B-AC adaptor.

Model No.Input TypeRangeAccuracy
TAC80B-JJ  Iron-Constantan-4 to 1112°F
-20 to 600°C
-20 to 1000°C
TAC80B-TT  Copper-Constantan-4 to 572°F
-20 to 300°C
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