Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD Element


Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD PT100 Element | TFD

Thin Film Detector - Flat RTD PT100 Element

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  • Used in Wind Tunnels and Air Conditioners.
  • Rapid Response Time
  • Temperature Range: -50 to 550°C (-60 to 1020°F)
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This flat platinum resistance detector represents the latest development by OMEGA in miniaturization of temperature sensing devices. It combines the precision temperature measuring capability of the platinum resistance detector with the small temperature sensing tip and rapid response time of the thermocouple. An immediate field of application for the TFD is in the area of surface temperature measurement.. Rapid response times are achieved with the TFD because it possesses a large surface-area to- volume ratio and the temperature-sensitive platinum layer is separated from the medium to be measured by a thin ceramic substrate of high thermal conductivity.

Note on Assembling Omega "TFD" Series RTD Elements to Extension Wires: These RTD elements are made with platinum coated nickel lead wires. Since platinum does not easily wet with most soft solders, we advise that they be spot welded or silver soldered to extension wires when required.

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