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TQ501 Rugged Rotary Torque Sensor

 | TQ501 Rugged Rotary Torque Sensor

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  • Ideal for Measuring Torque in Rotating Shafts
  • Clockwise or Counterclockwise Operation
  • Utilizes Proven Slip Ring Technology
  • Both Ends Double-Keyed for Easy Installation
  • Replaceable Slip Ring Brushes Available
  • Mating Connector Included
  • Optional RPM Sensor Available
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The TQ501 rotary torque sensor is ideal for measuring torque in rotating shafts. An integral slip ring assembly is used to transfer the electrical signal from rotating to stationary electronics. The slip ring consists of silver graphite brushes which rub on the rotating ring, providing an electrical path for the incoming excitation and the outgoing signal voltage. The speed sensor is a magnetic pulse that generates 60 pusles per revolution. The DPF701 is the recommended meter for use with the RPM option.

Rated Output: 2 mV/V nominal
Excitation: 10 Vdc, 20 Vdc maximum
Accuracy: ±0.18% FS
Linearity: ±0.10% FS
Hysteresis: ±0.10% FS
Repeatability: ±0.10% FS
Zero Balance: ±1.0% FS
Operating Temp. Range: -65 to 250°F (-53 to 120°C)
Compensated Temp. Range: 32 to 170°F (0 to 77°C)
Thermal Effects: Zero ±0.002% FS/°F Span ±0.002% Rdg/°F
Max. Load: Safe 150 % FS. Ultimate 300 % FS
Bridge Resistance: 350 Ohms nominal
Brush Life: 1.4 x 10 7 /RPM
Full Scale Angular Deflection:1.2°
RPM: 6000 max.
Construction: Nickel-plated steel
Electrical: Mating connector supplied
Weight: 3.6 kg (8 lb)
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