Tubular Heater 0.200(5.08mm) Diameter Round Cross-Section  - Discontinued

TSSM Style

Tubular Heater | TSSM Style

Tubular Heater

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  • INCOLOY Sheath
  • 75 - 1200 Watts
  • 28, 57.7 and 115 Volt
  • 29 - 49 W/In2
  • 1600°F Max. Sheath Temp.
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The TSSM series has been discontinued. Please contact our Temperature Engineering department for a viable replacement.

Compasses and gyroscopes, tubing “wrap-arounds,” oil igniters and burning off flue gases.

An Extremely Versatile Element: Used where just a little heat is needed or where a high temperature is needed quickly in a tight spot. Heat-up is fast due to the small mass of the element.
Flexible: Easily forms to a wide range of configurations.

Type 34 Terminals: Standard with high temperature leads attached to sheath. See terminal detail drawing in the Tubular Heater Overview section.
Work Temperatures: See Tubular Heater Overview section.
Bending: Customer’s minimum inside bending radius is 5/8". See bending requirements in the Tubular Heater Overview section.


Watts Volts W/In2 Dimensions In.(cm) INCOLOY Sheath
Model No.
Sheath A Heated B
7528406 (15)3 (8)TSSM-60.1
11057.7358 (20)5 (13)TSSM-80.1
15057.73410 (25)7 (18)TSSM-100.1
1751153112 (30)9 (23)TSSM-120.1
2251153314 (36)11 (28)TSSM-140.1
2751153416 (41)13 (33)TSSM-160.2
3001153218 (46)15 (38)TSSM-180.2
3501153320 (51)17 (43)TSSM-200.2
8301154930 (76)27 (69)TSSM-300.2
11201154840 (102)37 (94)TSSM-400.3
14001154750 (127)47 (119)TSSM-500.3
14001152960 (152)57 (145)TSSM-600.4
12001152970 (178)67 (170)TSSM-700.5
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