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Smart Transmitters

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  • Four Isolated Open-Collector Outputs
  • Wide Selection of Input Types and Ranges in One Transmitter
  • May Be DIN Rail Mounted
  • Available Analog Output and RS-232 or RS-485 Communications
  • Available Remote Programmer/Display


The TX41 series has been discontinued. Please consult sales to inquire about remaining inventory or get advice on possible alternatives.

The TX41 transmitter series offers unmatched versatility for any application, tough or easy. Each transmitter offers a wide range of inputs that can be configured to transmit your input signal in any engineering units desired with excellent accuracy. Each transmitter allows you to utilize the dual relay, 4 relay or BCD output, and the isolated analog output, and either the RS-232 or RS-485 serial communications options. Your choices are limited only by your application!

The transmitter is the ideal stand-alone smart transmitter and, with its unmatched versatility, will enhance your capability to monitor and control your process. The transmitter is the ideal choice for use as remote I/O when used with your data acquisition systems, PLCs or other computer controlled systems.

All transmitters can be mounted on a DIN rail in your own enclosure or can be bulkhead mounted with the optional mounting hardware.

The TX41 transmitter allows you to select the communication output(s) you need for your individual applications such as isolated analog output, RS-232 or RS-485 or BCD. Optional serial communications allows you to monitor your process control/change parameters on line.

Configuration and communications with your transmitter is easily accomplished via the optional remote display/programmer or RS-232 or RS-485 output options.

Each transmitter offers 4 opencollector outputs, and you can easily add either the optional dual relay, 4 relay or the optional BCD output.

TX41-RM Handheld Programmer/Remote Display
The TX41 series of instruments offers a truly unique feature found in no competitive product. The optional hand-held programmer is both a convenient portable programmer and a complete, mountable, remote 6-digit display. You can buy one programmer and program TX41 transmitters all over your facility. Also, one can use the very same option as a remote display. This is especially useful when space constraints prevent you from mounting a conventional full-size meter.

This remote display not only gives you an accurate readout of your process value but also has four indicator lights giving you the status of each of the setpoints. The 14-segment LEDs give you easy-to-read alphanumeric characters. This feature, along with real word programming, makes an easy task of setting up your transmitter.

TX41 for Temperature The TX41 for Temperature is easily configured to accept direct connection from a wide range of thermocouple, RTD or linear inputs such as 10 ohm copper RTDs. Standard features include:
  • Thermocouple types J, K, E, T, B, R, S, B, N and J DIN
  • 2-, 3- or 4-wire 100 ohm platinum RTDs
  • Accepts linear inputs from 0.6 to 1000 ohms including 10. copper RTDs
  • Wide choice of outputs such as 4-20 mA, 1-5 V, 0-10 V, RS-232, RS-485, BCD or relays
  • Four open-collector outputs
  • 0.01 resolution
  • Smart filtering that detects the difference between line noise and a process change without compromising update speed
  • Up to 13 readings a second
  • Programming via handheld programmer or serial communications options
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