Miniature Temperature Transmitters, Ultra Low Profile

TX93, TX94

Miniature Temperature Transmitters | TX93, TX94

Miniature Temperature Transmitters

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  • Ultra-Low Profile Design -Only 3 /4 " High (Including Terminal Strip)
  • 4-20 mA Output
  • ±0.1% FS Accuracy
  • Non-Isolated
  • Mounts in Protection Head
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Please check out our newer model 2-wire transmitter TX13 Series with more advanced features at a lower price.

Models TX93, TX94 and TX95 transmitters can eliminate long runs of costly field wiring in a variety of applications. A stable 4 to 20 mA output signal is provided proportional to the transmitters specific input type and calibrated temperature range (see Range Code Table below). Adjustability of ±25% for zero and span is provided to facilitate some rangeability.

The transmitted signal eliminates noise pickup, voltage drops, multiple cold junction errors and requires only a twisted pair of copper wire for loop connections. TX93, TX94 and TX95 are ultra-low profile transmitters at an economical price.


Baixar TX94 - RTD Two-Wire Temperature Transmitter
Baixar TX93 - Thermocouple Two-Wire Temperature Transmitter
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