RTD Temperature Transmitter - 316 Stainless Steel Construction  - Discontinued

TX94A-SS Series Temperature Transmitter

RTD PT100 Temperature Transmitter | TX94A-SS Series Temperature Transmitter

RTD PT100 Temperature Transmitter

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  • Ideal for Wash-down, Outdoor, Sanitary or Marine Environments
  • Compact Design Attaches Directly to Most 3-Wire and 4-Wire, Pt100, 0.00385 Curve Sanitary Probes and Sensors with M12 Style Connectors
  • True 2-Wire Operation, Loop Powered 4 to 20 mA Output
  • Sealed Signal Conditioner Built Into NEMA 4X (IP67) 316 Stainless Steel Housing
  • ±0.1% FS Accuracy, High Repeatability, and Stability
  • Both Zero and Span Adjustments for Field Calibration
  • Provides “Upscale” Break Detection and Compensates for Long Lead Wires


The TX94A-ss series has been discontinued. Please see the TXUN as a possible alternative or contact our Electronic Engineering department.

Loop Powered! The OMEGA™ 2-wire TX94A-SS Series temperature transmitters are high-performance, industrial transmitters designed for direct connection to most CIP (clean-inplace) Sanitary Pt100 probes and sensors that incorporate a M12 style connection. All models feature a miniature signal conditioner built into a sealed stainless steel connector housing. The signal conditioner converts the resistive change of a 100 Ω, 0.00385 RTD probe or sensor into an industry-standard 2-wire, 4 to 20 mA analog output across a dedicated temperature range. Output connection is also a standard M12 connector.

Wiring option #1Wiring option #2

The TX94A-SS transmitter is provided with two RTD wiring configurations as shown. The wiring style is identified at the end of the model number by either a "-1" or "-2". If used with an Omega PR-21 sensor, then the "-1" or "-2" selection should match the final charecters following the "-M12" in the sensor model number (ie: PR-21A-3-100-A-1/4-0600-M12-1). When using the transmitter with an Omega PR-22 style RTD, then please select the -2 wiring configuration.
For use with a PR-21A-3-100-A-1/4-0600-M12-1, use an TX94A-2-SS-M12F-1 Transmitter (Range is -18 to 93°C).
For use with a PR-22-3-100-A-M6-250-M12 sensor, use an TX94A-2-SS-M12F-2 Transmitter (Range is -18 to 93°C).

Supply Voltage: 8 to 35 Vdc; (24 Vdc recommended)
Max Load: Rmax (Ω) = (Vsupply - 8V)/0.02 A
Output: Linearized 4 to 20 mA
Accuracy: ±0.1% FS (includes effects of linearity, hysteresis and repeatability)
Frequency Response: 3 dB @ 3Hz
    1: -40 to 49°C (-40 to 120°F)
    2: -18 to 93°C (0 to 200°F)
    3: -18 to 149°C (0 to 300°F)
    4: -18 to 260°C (0 to 500°F)
Input: 3-wire, Pt100 (α = 0.00385), 4-wire RTD compatible Probe/Sensor Input
    TX94A-SS-M12M: M12 style, 4-pin male
    TX94A-SS-M12F: M12 style, 4-pin female
Transmitter Operating Temp: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)
Output Connection (All Models): M12 style (order cable from table below)
Housing: 316 stainless steel, polished mirror finish
Approvals: CE marked
Dimensions: 51 H x 38 mm D (2.0 x 1.50")
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