OMEGAFLEX™ CHEMICAL TUBING FEP Formulation Metric Diameters


OMEGAFLEX ® Chemical Tubing FEP Formulation Metric Diameters | TYTF

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  • FEP tubing can be extruded in very long, continuous lengths.
  • FEP offers superior transparency for applications that require visual inspection.
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FEP tubing is very similar to PFA tubing in flexibility and appearance. The major difference is the service temperature range for FEP: -73 to 204°C (-100 to 400°F).
Hardness, Shore D: 56
Specific Gravity: 2.15
Tensile Strength: 3400 psi
Elongation at Break: 325%
Brittle Temperature: <-170°C (-275°F)
Service Temperature: -73 to 204°C (-100 to 400°F)
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