Self-Regulating Immersion Heaters

VP and VPT Series

Self-Regulating Immersion Heaters | VP and VPT Series

Self-Regulating Immersion Heaters

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  • Self-Regulating, Fully Grounded
  • Stainless Steel or PFA Covered Stainless Steel Sheaths
  • Solid State Heating Element, Temperature up to 212°F (100°C)
  • Auto-Stabilized Temperature Ensures Uniform Heating
  • Lightweight, Easy to Handle
  • Rapid Heating
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The new OMEGA™ VP and VPT Series self-regulating, fully grounded immersion heaters are ideal for insertion into small tanks, vessels and appliance as well as compressors, oils, fluids and plating cells. Available in stainless steel of PFA sheath for corrosive environments, both models are shatterproof, grounded with a three-wire, 5' (1.5 m) long power cord and have a solid state heating element. Best suited for use in applications where heating, excess temperature protection controls and regulating components must be fitted into a small space, these heaters are lightweight, easy-to-handle, rapid heating (maximum temperature is 212°F (100°C), units that eliminate any danger of overheating. Auto-stabilized temperature prevents hot spots, thereby ensuring uniform heating. Accessories include a ½" NPT Kynar screw plug adaptor which holds the heater securely in place, and a polypropylene mounting flange so the heater can be suspended vertically into small vessels.


    VP-107, VPT-107: 100
    VP-311, VPT-311: 300
Voltage: 120 or 240 Vac
Power Leads:
    VP-107, VPT-107: 1.2 m (4') power cord with 3-prong plug (no plug on 240V models);
    VP-311, VPT-311: 0.9 m (3') flexible conduit and fitting with 3-conductor leads
Sheath Length:
    VP-107, VPT-107: 179 mm (7")
    VP-311, VPT-311: 279 mm (11")
Heated Length:
    VP-107, VPT-107: last 76 mm (3")
    VP-311, VPT-311: last 152 mm (6")
    VP Series: 11 mm (716")
    VPT Series: 13 mm (½")
Shipping Weight: Approx. 453 g (1 lb)
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