Screw Connection and Component Terminal Blocks


Screw Connection and Component Terminal Blocks | XBUT4TG/XBUT4MT/XBUKK4DIO Series

Screw Connection and Component Terminal Blocks

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  • Maintenance-Free Connections
  • Global Acceptance
  • Flexible Plug-In Bridge System
  • Large Surface Area for Marking
  • Standardized Testing System
  • Metal Parts Made of Tin-Plated Copper Alloy
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Product Family Overview
The XB Series offers a complete terminal block system with a universal range of accessories. Marking, bridging and testing accessories are standardized across the different clamping technologies -- reducing inventory and logistics costs. The modular terminal block design allows for use of the different terminal block types together or individually, providing the highest degree of flexibility.

Application Description
The metal portion of the XB Series terminal blocks are made from high-grade, strain-crack and corrosion proof copper alloys. They won’t experience any electrolytic corrosion or rusting, even when moisture is present. The metal surfaces are protected with a lead-free, galvanic nickel or tin plating. The good electrical conductivity permits only a low temperature rise. The Polyamide 6.6 housings allow for operating temperatures up to 125°C and are certified for inflammability Class V0 in accordance with UL 94.

Flexible plug-in bridge system -- All three technologies (Screw, Spring and IDC) use the same bridge system, allowing for individual potential distribution and quickly bridged connections among the same terminal block type or across different types. The XB Series terminal blocks have two bridge shafts arranged in one line, making flexible chain bridging and skip bridging between non-adjacent terminal blocks possible. Plug-in bridges are available from 2 to 50 positions. Reducing bridges are also available to connect a larger terminal block to a smaller one.

Large surface area for marking -- All XB Series terminal blocks have generously sized surface areas for labeling. This allows for clearly labeled wiring which results in reduced start-up time and simplifies activities such as testing and maintenance. There are provisions for marking individual terminal blocks and end stops, strips of terminal blocks, and large groups of terminal blocks.

Standardized testing system -- All test plugs make contact in one of the easily accessible bridge shafts. A 2.3 mm diameter test plug is available for individual measuring wires. Modular test plugs are also available for more advanced testing.

The XB Series includes application specific terminal blocks like the XBUT4TG disconnect block which accommodates disconnect component and fuse terminal blocks. It can also be bridged with standard terminal blocks via the double bridge shaft. The component plug XBPCO serves to accommodate different components such as resistors or capacitors. 5 x 20 mm fuses can be inserted into the fuse plug XBPFU, also available with light indication. The XBUT4MT knife disconnect terminal block features a compact design and a high current carrying capacity of 16A. Versions with test socket screws provide a test option for 2.3 mm diameter test plugs on both sides of the disconnect point.
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