Shaft Servo Mount Rotary Pulse Generator

ZSD Series High Precision Shaft Encoder

Encoder, Shaft Mount Rotary Pulse Generator | ZSD Series High Precision Shaft Encoder

Encoder, Shaft Mount Rotary Pulse Generator

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2 anos de garantia CE RoHS
  • High Precision Accuracy
  • NPN Open Collector Output
  • 0.25" (6.33 mm) Shaft Diameter
  • Quadrature Outputs with Indexing
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The ZSD Series encoder is ideal for applications requiring a miniature, high precision, low cost encoder, designed with all metal construction for years of troublefree operation. The outputs are standard quadrature with index, available in 100 or 1000 pulses per shaft revolution.

Open Collector Output Wiring
The ZSD sensors have open collector outputs. An open collector output brings the uncommitted collector of the encoder switching device to the external world. Because the collector element is not associated with the sensor supply voltage, the sensor output collector may be “pulled up” to external voltages (30 Vdc maximum) different than the encoder supply voltage. NPN open collector outputs are current sinking devices. An output signal will not be generated unless a pull-up resistor is connected from the open-collector to the positive side of an external supply. The same supply can be used for powering the unit and for the pull-up resistor.

Supply Voltage: 4.75 to 28 Vdc, 100 mA maximum
Outputs: NPN open collector outputs, 20 mA maximum
Maximum Frequency: 200 KHz
Symmetry: 180° (±18°) electrical
Quad Phasing: 90° (±22.5°) electrical
Minimum Edge Separation: 67.5° electrical
Accuracy: Within 0.017° mechanical
Maximum Speed: 8000 RPM
Shaft Size: 6.33 mm (0.25")
Radial Shaft Load: 2.25 kg (5 lbs)
Axial Shaft Load: 2.25 kg (5 lbs)
Starting Torque: 2.82 N-mm (0.4 oz-in)
Moment of Inertia: 4.8 gm-cm2 (6.7 x 10-5 oz-in-sce2)
Electrical Connection: 914.4 mm (36") long 24 AWG shielded, braided cable
Weight: 85 g (3 oz)
Operating Temperature: -20 to 85°C (-4 to 121°F)
Humidity: 98% RH non-condensing
Vibration: 10 g @ 58 to 500 Hz
Shock: 80 g @ 11 msec duration
Sealing: IP64
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