Heavy Duty Electropneumatic Converters
I/P and E/P Models

IP510, EP510, IP511, EP511 Series

Heavy Duty Electropneumatic Converters | IP510, EP510, IP511, EP511 Series

Heavy Duty Electropneumatic Converters

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  • Hazardous Locations and Intrinsically Safe Ratings
  • NEMA 4X (IP65)
  • 0.1% Accuracy Typical
  • Closed Loop Pressure Feedback Control
  • Built-in Volume Booster Provides Flow Up to 12 SCFM
  • Easy Access to Zero and Span
  • Damping Pot Prevents Overshoot and Hunting
  • Low Air Consumption
  • Mount at Any Angle
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Virtually No Sensitivity to Supply Pressure Changes
  • Removable Orifice for Easy Maintenance
  • Buna-N Seals Standard, Fluorocarbon Optional
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The IP510/EP510 Series are a patented family of electro-pneumatic instruments that are used to reduce a pneumatic supply pressure to a regulated output pressure which is directly proportional to a two-wire current or three-wire voltage input. This design incorporates closed loop sensing of the output pressure to achieve excellent accuracy and vibration stability. They also feature a unique damping circuit which can be adjusted to prevent overshoot and actuator hunting. Model selection includes General purpose NEMA 1, and Water-tight/Corrosion Resistant NEMA 4X (IP65). All models carry Hazardous Locations and intrinsically safe ratings.

   Typical: ±0.1% of output span
   Max: ±0.25% of output span
   Typical: ±0.01% of output span
   Max: ±0.10% of output span
Deadband: No effect
   Typical: ±0.01% of output span
   Max: ±0.10% of output span
Ambient Temperature Effect Zero:
   Typical: ±0.004% of nominal span/°F
   Max: ±0.022% of nominal span/°F
Ambient Temperature Effect Span:
   Typical: 0.013% of calibrated span/°F
   Max: 0.022% of calibrated span/°F
Temperature Effect: ≤0.02%/°F, zero and span effects combined
Operating Temperature Range:
   Buna-N Elastomers: -29 to 71°C (-20 to 160°F)
   Fluorocarbon Elastomers: -18 to 71°C (0 to 160°F)
Storage Temperature Range:
   Buna-N Elastomers: -40 to 93°C (-40 to 200°F)
   Fluorocarbon Elastomers: -26 to 93°C (-15 to 200°F)
Vibration Effects: Less than 0.5% of span per 1 g, 5 to 2000 Hz, 3 g max, 3 axes
Mounting Position Effect: Not measurable
Loop Load, I/P Transducer:
   Less than 10 Vdc drop at 20 mA
   Less than 12 Vdc drop at 50 mA
Supply Voltage, E/P Transducer:
   Intrinsically Safe/Non-Incendive: 9 to 28 Vdc, less than 20 mA
   General Purpose: 9 to 40 Vdc, less than 20 mA
Supply Voltage Effect: No effect
Signal Impedance E/P Transducer: 6000 Ω minimum
RFI/EMI Effect NEMA 4X (IP66): Less than 0.25% of span change in output 10 V/meter, 20 to 1000 MHz (Reference SAMA PML 33.1 to 1978, 2 to abc)
Supply Pressure Sensitivity: No effect
Effective Air Consumption: 0.07 SCFM (2 LPM) maximum
Supply Pressure: 100 psig (6.9 bar) maximum*
* For models with zero output capability maximum supply pressure = 40 psi (2.8 bar) above maximum output, except for 0 to 100 and 0 to 120 psi models that have a maximum supply pressure of 130 psi (9 bar) and 140 psi (9.7 bar) respectively.
   IP510: 102 H x 48 W x 89 mm D (4.01 x 1.88 x 3.5")
   IP511: 144 H x 112 mm W (5.66 x 4.36")
Port Sizes:
   Pneumatic: ¼ FNPT
   Electrical: ½ FNPT
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